Sphynx Cats and Sphynx Kittens by Vandvis Sphynx Cattery, Sphynxes - hairless cats, hairless kittens


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Sphynx Cats and Sphynx Kittens by Vandvis Sphynx Cattery, Sphynxes - hairless cats, hairless kittens

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Sphynx Cattery. Sphynx Cat Breeder. Sphynx Kittens. Sphynx Cats. Hairless Cats. Bald Cats.

Vandvis Ц is a small specialized cattery registered in TICA and WCF, dedicated to breeding Sphynx cats.

 Our goal is to grow healthy and happy Sphinx kittens, which  meet the Sphynx breed standards as closely as possible. Hairless cats are extremely intelligent cats with very individual personality. They have very expressive appearance, stare at you attentively when you speak and try to respond to your words. Sphynx kittens are gentle and sweet, very social and easily accept other animals, including dogs, have affinity to humans and enjoy physical contact with them. They love to sleep in your lap or your bed cuddled under the blanket. Bald cats are very attentive and curious creatures, react quickly to the environment and constantly purr to express their reaction to it. These qualities make them great friends and ideal performers at the cat shows.
 Our Sphynx cats and kittens are very well socialized and truly are members of our family. The earliest age at which the kittens can join their new owners is 16 weeks. All our kittens are fully vaccinated, de-wormed, and checked by veterinarian. They have health certificate, pedigree and the contract. We provide life-long guarantee against genetic diseases.

The pet quality kittens are neutered or spayed prior to leaving our cattery.

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Welcome to site of Sphynx breeder Ц Vandvis Sphynx cattery, devoted to wonderful breed of naked cats - Sphynx. This breed have many other names: Canadian sphinx, naked cats, hairless cats, sphinx cats, mooncat, Egyptian cats, canadian hairless, bald cats, hot cats, Pharaons cats, sfinx cat, sfinks cat, canadian sfinks. On our site of Sphynx cattery Vandvis you can find any information about Canadian sphynx, photos and pictures of our adult males Sphynxes - Earling, Joke, Eclair, females - Terrakota, Amaunet, Whimsy, Evolet, Enchantrezz, Zora and Sphinx kitten from our Sphynx cattery Vandvis. Also on our site you can see picture from WCF, TICA, CFA Shows with participation of kittens and adult hairless cats from our Sphinx cattery Vandvis, learn about awards our cats at shows, look at photo galleries of our adult cats- Sphynx males and Sfinx females , photos of show quality Sphinx kittens, elite Sfinks kittens for Shows, bald kittens for adoption to qualifying homes and families, sphynx kittens for sale and pix of previous litters. sitemap xml